Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Uniform.

As a stylist, you would think that I spend all day creating new outfits for myself. Daydreaming in my closet and conjuring up the next incredibly creative look that I will put on. Yes, when there is time, I love to shop my own closet. But the truth is, lately time has been a precious, and rare, commodity. Between my personal clients, planning my wedding, and working on commercial shoots, there is little time for outfit planning these days.

For many people, a uniform is the outfit they reach for on a daily basis. Often times, this narrow view of one's own closet becomes a fashion rut that they need help coming out of. I have Everyday Runway clients that have worn the same outfit for years! In my opinion, a uniform should be that item (or outfit) you reach for when you need effortless style in a hurry. Tried and true, you feel amazing in it, and you never have to think about whether you are dressed appropriately for the occasion. The closest thing I have to a uniform is my go-to silk blouse. Yes, I have it in several different colors and prints, but it is the common in my formula for easy style when I don't have a lot of time.

Why you need an Equipment silk blouse:

1. In the right color, it's a classic.
A beautiful silk blouse always makes my list of the top 10 items every woman should have in her wardrobe. Wear it alone or as a fabulous layering piece. This blouse is appropriate for all ages and body types. And with proper care, you will wear it for years.

2. It's comfortable.
In the fashion world, that is a big deal. I can move in it. And the feeling of silk on my skin never gets old.

3. Your boyfriend/fiance/husband will thank you.
I get the undone sexy look of my fiances' masculine work shirts while wearing my own clothes. (And his stay unwrinkled.)

4. The possible outfit combinations are endless!

Let me show you.

Refined. - This blouse is perfect for the office and is age appropriate for more mature women when paired with a beautiful wide leg trouser. Olivia Palermo has polished style down to a science.

Playful. - For the younger audience, dress it down. Put this blouse with a pair of great shorts and don't be afraid to load on the accessories for a more complete and age appropriate look.

Easygoing style. - This blouse is just right with a casual cargo pant or your favorite pair of jeans. Add a nice bag, good belt, hot shoes, lipstick, and... viola! You have your outfit. Wear it anywhere.

Date night. - Gorgeous with a harem pant, mini skirt, dressed up shorts, or pencil skirt. Dress it up with heels, jewelry, and a pretty clutch. Check out Lauren Conrad's youthful take on this look in black silk shorts.

Bold and Sexy. - Give the sheer versions a try. My absolute favorite look when I go out is a silky camisole or gorgeous lacy bra (Agent Provocateur and Le Mystere make lingerie too beautiful to always be covered up) underneath one of these shirts with a skirt or pant. It's feminine, glamourous, sexy, and unexpected at the same time.

You have now seen this Equipment silk blouse worn with wide leg pants, shorts, jeans, khakis, colored jeans, cargo pants, skirts, and leather pants. Everyone has at least three of these bottoms in their wardrobe.

Wear the Equipment silk blouse with high waisted pants or jeans and tuck in the shirt to accentuate your waist. Wear the blouse untucked with a skinny leg pant to camouflage wider hips or a small belly. Be sure to size up if you have a larger bust to avoid any pull between the buttons. The way you tuck in the shirt is also a method for making great new looks. Consider giving it a lose flirty knot in the front for another feminine twist.

Not convinced yet? Here are some more celebrities who love this blouse as much as I do.

Are you still here? You should be off surfing the web to purchase this shirt! Equipment silk blouse is available here, here, and here. Prices range from $208 to $220 depending on the color, print, and cut. A little steep, but so worth it. 

What is your uniform?

Treat everyday like you are on the runway.


  1. Love the blog. But me and my do-gooding, non-profit working self would love even more some low budget alternatives for such beautiful silk blouses. Otherwise I may have to work a corner. And then people will blame you for compelling your little sister to resort to unethical activities in order to adopt your style suggestions.

  2. Hi Audra,
    Here are some budget friendly alternatives if you are not ready to invest in the Equipment blouse.
    This blouse:


    is available at Urban Outfitters for $59. The blush color is my favorite. The only thing it won't do is work as a great layering piece since it does not have a collar. I would dress it up with a necklace to make it more appropriate for the office.

    Another good option is this blouse:


    Available at Madewell for $110. The navy and green are screaming my name for fall. This is nice because it also has the collar.

    You can tell your clients these are perfect for a college entrance interview. Does this help?

  3. Audra, Did you see this response? xo