About Me

I joined the fashion industry long before even taking my first steps. As the oldest daughter to a fashion model, my first years were often spent on the set of commercial photo shoots or crawling down fashion show runways.

I spent the next twenty years as a successful print model while balancing life as a student. During that time, my understanding of personal style and its important relationship to everyday life evolved while I studied sociology, psychology, and human development in college. Learning the importance of personal style in how we present ourselves to the world turned my hobby into a passion.

Following graduation, I turned my focus toward fashion and its place in our society. My style inspiration comes from time spent in New England, Tampa, Florida, and Los Angeles, California,  Now I enjoy sharing my knowledge and unique personal style insight with friends, family, and clients. With this blog, I will share it with you!

My personal motto is:
Treat everyday like you are on the runway.

To learn more about my personal stylist services, please visit my website: www.everydayrunway.net

To learn more about my commercial wardrobe stylist services, please visit my agency: www.ennisinc.com