Thursday, June 30, 2011

Red, white, and blue.

For the long weekend I am headed to Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire with my fiance, my sister, and her husband. It will be the first getaway that I have taken since our move back from Los Angeles and I can't wait!

This holiday always makes me feel nostalgic. It has history, pride, romance, and all of the best things of summer rolled into one day, or in this case, weekend. After countless summers spent on Nantucket or at the Lake in NH for this holiday, I can say I've seen it all in the festive fashion department. I will even admit to once being a part of a family photo in which everyone was wearing paper vests with flags on them. (It was wrong, but in my defense, I was ten. We all make mistakes.) 

These days my fashion has evolved so much that my sister sent me an email this week of logistics for the trip and a friendly reminder that I was heading to a place where "people stare at you if you are wearing a sundress and a one inch heel... motorcycles and fanny packs abound." She is right, New Hampshire is not the most fashion forward of states. That said, I simply cannot alter my fashion beliefs. If I have to look at their fanny packs and Teva sandals, they will have to deal with my favorite wedges and coral lipgloss. Fashion is something that makes me happy. It is how I express myself to the world. But, you can bet I will not be wearing a paper vest to do it this weekend.

It is possible to be stylish, festive, and appropriately dressed for the barbecue, afternoon at the beach, cuddling during evening fireworks, and pinot grigio on the back patio this 4th of July. Here are some great ideas to get you started. Enjoy!

I feel very lucky to live in this country, and grateful that there are people willing to fight for our freedom everyday. My heart goes out to the families of all those in the military; thank you for your sacrifice.

Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rain Rain Stay Away.

You can always tell a fashionable person from a non-fashionable person by one thing: Their rainwear. Lots of people can put a thoughtful outfit together on a sunny day, but what happens when they face a grey rainy day?

I advise my clients to think about how they feel when they slip on their favorite pair of jeans

...or their best cocktail dress for an evening out
...or a new pair of high heels 
...or a swipe of their favorite lipstick. 

You know that feeling? It's important that your entire wardrobe make you feel this way, but especially what you put on for a grey rainy day. Which brings me to the three most important elements of your grey rainy day wardrobe. 

Every woman should own a great:

1. Raincoat 
Choose one in a bright color, bold pattern, unique silhouette, or all of the above! Or go classic and invest in the always chic trench coat. My raincoat of choice is a red trench coat, but I have a stone colored trench for when I'm feeling more Breakfast at Tiffany's... H&M does a great version, and there is always the iconic Burberry trench to admire.

2. Rain Boots
Opt for knee high rubber boots so that you can walk through that puddle and not get the hem of your pants wet! Choose classic black or your favorite color, the point is to make you smile on a grey day. Just avoid a printed rain boot, these tend to look juvenile. You can't beat a classic black Hunter boot, but this style is also available in almost every color you can think of, including neons and pastels. Personally, I love the slim lines of my Loeffler Randall rain boots. (See post here.) 

*The Original* Black
{Original Hunter Wellington Rain Boots, $125.}
{Hunter Original Tall Boot, $125.}
{Loeffler Randall Rain Boots, $195.}
{Tretorn, Langta, $85 $49.99.}

3. Umbrella
If you are anything like me, you are constantly losing your umbrella. That or you realize you left it in the car each time you find yourself in a downpour leaving the grocery store. Buying a non-pharmacy umbrella turned out to be just the thing to help me hold onto mine. (Strangely, the same strategy worked with expensive sunglasses.) I've had my black Tumi umbrella for four years! I love the wind vent and the one button close is amazing. It has never turned inside out and it goes with everything!

Large Auto Close Umbrella - Tumi
{Tumi Large Auto-Close Umbrella, $80.}

Looking for a fun and fashionable umbrella? Try these.
kate spade umbrella
{Kate Spade, $75.}
large product image
{Burberry, $150.  $75.}

{Jonathan Adler, Aztec Diamond, $25.}

{Jonathan Adler, Kaleidoscope, $25.}

Not convinced yet? Some more fabulous options.

How does your rain gear measure up?

Treat everyday like you are on the runway.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A bright grey day.

I am a creature of my environment and this rain makes me feel sleepy, even when I've slept. The grey sky makes the day feel heavy and foggy at the same time. I am not a fan, where is the sun?! 

Other than coffee (grande skinny vanilla latte, yes please!) my favorite way to combat all of these grey rainy days is with the color block trend of Spring/Summer 2011. When I reach for my bright red jeans, crisp white T-shirt, and orange scarf, I feel the colors cut through my fog. Sure, you can see me coming from a mile away, but the outfit always helps lighten my mood. Here are some color block looks and landscapes that inspire me and that I hope will brighten your grey day too. Enjoy!

So readers, do you color block?

Treat everyday like you are on the runway.