Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bring on the Snow.

Allow me to give you a quick fashion lesson. Each season the top designers create a new collection and send it down the runway. Buyers for high end stores around the country place orders for what they would like the stores to carry. The designers and the buyers are the trendsetters. However, not everyone can afford hand stitching and the cost of the materials that the top designers use. Often before all of the buyers orders are even in, other designers are working to replicate the runway looks at a lower cost and weeks (sometimes months) later they put out their own version. This cycle continues and eventually the items are mass produced for the general public which is when the trend finally arrives at your local mall. Fashion filters down.

I'm sharing this with you because it is important to know that you can usually find the $1000+ item that you have been coveting, for less. It just depends on how long you are willing to wait. That was certainly what happened in the case of my new winter boots...

{Image via Net-a-porter.}

In an effort to be prepared for the snow that is inevitable, I simply NEEDED a pair of these beautiful 'apres-ski' boots. The black patent Valentino's (see top row) were screaming my name, but the price tag gave me a mild headache. So instead, I opted for a pair of the anthracite Moon Boot Crocodile (shown middle row in dark brown color) and I'm so glad I did. I love them. Do you have your winter snow boots yet? Below, observe (and shop!) the filter down effect.

Happy Wednesday.

Treat everyday like you are on the runway.

Bring on the Snow.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Mini Style, Part 2.

In case you missed it, J Crew launched a baby line. I was so inspired by their adorable basics that I decided to use them to put together some of my favorite winter baby looks for 0-24 months in Mini Style, Part 1. Enjoy Part 2 below.

Fashion rule:
Overalls should only be worn by children under the age of seven. Outside of the onesie or footed pajama, they are definitely one of my favorite looks on a baby. Overalls paired with this darling red and white striped J Crew onesie can be tough look or sweet look depending on how you accessorize.

For a Tough Look

For a Sweet Look

The leopard trend for mom:  See post here.

My winning style combination for Baby's First Holiday Photo Card in three steps:
1) J Crew Cashmere Baby Sweater (Classic.)

2) Unisex Jumper (Adorable.)

3) Knit Booties (Nostalgic.)

Irresistible Holiday Cheer.

Another plus is when baby looks back at the photos someday, he or she will thank you for choosing such a timeless look. (Priceless.)

**Reindeer antlers or big red bow optional recommended.

Treat everyday like you are on the runway.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Mini Style, Part 1.

Attention new parents and their friends: J Crew has launched a baby line. Right now it's a limited collection, but like all of the brands clothing, it is full of inspiring basics that 'wow' in their simplicity. I was so enamored by a few of these items that I started looking at some other amazing baby clothes. I couldn't resist putting together some adorable winter looks for 0-24 months from these Crewcut Baby basics.

I love this clean, classic unisex look. Who says a baby girl can't wear blue? This long sleeve navy blue onesie has a great ribbed texture that is complimented by the sweetest cable knit hat ever. Everyone loves a pom-pom and there are no words for these little booties. So cute!

{BabyGap Cableknit Pom Hat, $12.99}

{J Crew, Goat-Milk Onesie, $35.}

{J Crew, Nature Baby Pants, $24.95}

{J Crew, Nature Baby Booties, $12.95}

My winning 'go-anywhere' style combination for baby in three steps:
Rich cashmere in a bright hue is a must for the softest skin.
2) Toms for Baby
Toms will put baby, and mom, totally on-trend in plaid, neon, herringbone, and sequins. The best part? Same rule applies for the small ones: Buy a pair of Toms shoes and they will give a new pair to a child in need. (See specific shoe style for link to store.)
Throw-in-the-wash denim in a soft grey will look hip with a thick bottom cuff. Style Tip: Buy them big. Cuff them. Unroll the cuff as baby grows longer, and keep the jeans for longer!
Laid Back Baby Cool.
For Baby Boy

{Toms, Classic Tiny Plaid, $28.95}

For Baby Girl

{Toms, Classic Tiny Herringbone, $28.95}

Loungewear/ Back up Pant
Swap out the grey denim above for these comfy sweater pants. Sweater pants are great in any size, but should not be worn by adults outside of the home. Please leave that to the babies.

{BabyGap, Sweater Pants, $16.99

Everything looks cuter when it's miniature.

The neon trend for baby:

{Estella, Baby Snowsuit, $115.}

The neon trend for Mom: See post here.

Just because a baby is small, does not mean that he or she can't be big in fashion. I wish they had that neon trimmed snowsuit in my size... Now, if only J Crew would launch a maternity line, I would consider pregnancy. :)

Stay tuned for Mini Style, Part 2. In that post I will give you My winning style combination for Baby's First Holiday Photo Card.

Treat everyday like you are on the runway.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Give Luxury.

The best gifts are often those luxurious items that one does not buy for oneself. For many women, that can mean high end beauty products, and this is where you come in. This holiday season, think about the gift of luxury. A gift that says, go ahead, it's okay. Take a minute for yourself.

The following list is full of amazing quality products that actually do what they claim to do.  Each of these items makes a beautiful stand alone gift as well as a great stocking stuffer. The best part is that most of the items are easy on the wallet. And what woman does not love a small box? Trust me, she will be excited.

Best Beauty Gifts for the Women in Your Life:

**Under $200
Mason Pearson brushes are always at the top of every beauty essentials list and this one is no exception. It's a classic she will have forever.

{Mason Pearson, Handy All Boar Brush, $190.}

The best hairdryer ever. Travel version.

{T3, Featherweight Travel Journey Dryer, $130.}

**Under $100.

A hydrating treat for your body during the cold winter months. Buy the big bottle, you won't regret it.
Gorgeous compact inside and out. And the perfect smoky eye colors for New Year's Eve.

{YSL, Palette Smoking Noir, $65.}

**Under $50.

The only bronzer she will ever need.

{Nars, Bronzing Powder, $33.}

A super chic duo of nail polish that will look amazing sitting on her vanity and on her nails. One is a satin finish and one is matte depending on her mood.

{YSL Manicure Couture No6, $30.}

The gold standard of nail polish. Who wouldn't be excited to find this in their stocking? It's hard to choose just one shade.

Skip the fake lash application and give DiorShow Mascara. One swipe for dramatic lashes. The carbon black color is just a bonus.

You need this. I have a travel size tube in my car and one in my handbag. I keep the large size at home. Your hands will thank you. Give one as a gift if you can part with it. (The travel size is only $10!)

{L'Occitane, Shea Hand Cream, $26.}

So ladies, have you tried all of the incredible products on this list? My top three picks are the Mason Pearson brush, Chanel nail polish, and L’Occitane hand cream. They are products that are perfect for women of all ages. I must own the YSL Couture Duo.

For the other special people in your life, try these:

It's never too early to take care of your skin. Here is one fabulous way to pamper a newborn.

{Mustela, Newborn Set, $39.}

The gold standard for diaper rash treatment.

And don't forget to pamper the men in your life too.

{Kiehl's, The Ultimate Man, $50.}

Because he won't buy this stuff for himself, but will love that you did.

{The Art of Shaving, 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave, $100.}

Treat everyday like you are on the runway.