Wednesday, August 17, 2011

J Crew Does It Again.

I am currently assisting all of my personal clients with the transition into their fall wardrobe, so my mind right now is not on this gorgeous sunny day. Yesterday I was focused on boots, but today I am focused on coats. Of the J Crew variety, that is.  

Every fall J Crew does some of the best classic outerwear on the market. It always has a stylish twist that is appropriate for all ages. Good bones as I like to call it. You can't go wrong with a classic style when it comes to something like a fall coat because unless you have the money to buy a new one each year, you want to make sure the one you buy today will look good next year and perhaps the following one. Here are three coats I would like to applaud them on and recommend this year.

Do you have your trench yet? This is a classic that every woman should own. It is perfect for a fashionable rainy day and will definitely help ease your summer wardrobe into the fall season. J Crew does it with a reasonable price tag ($400), as compared to the almighty Burberry outerwear. I love the super feminine silhouette of this version and it has a detachable tulle underskirt for a little added style. The trench is timeless. Get the J Crew Encore Coat on their website or here.

Who doesn't love a navy blue classic? You can wear this coat with every color you can think of.  The amazing hood, cropped batwing sleeves, and zipper on this wool capelette make this anything but your boring navy blue topper. It is perfect for weekends and running errands. Throw it on over your favorite pair of jeans, leggings, and/or chunky sweater and you looked pulled together in a glorious unfussy way. And I love the oversized pockets! You can find this J Crew Capelette on their website or here.

Lastly, a classic peacoat in an on-trend color. Other than burgundy red, this golden mustard was the other color all over the fall fashion runways. This peacoat is full of thoughtful details like the pretty collar, seams on the sleeves, and dark round buttons. It is impeccably tailored at the waist and can be worn buttoned or unbuttoned. It would look gorgeous with an emerald scarf or one with a fuchsia and ivory print. What will you wear yours with? Buy it at J Crew or here.

When you purchase a classic piece, remember to always make it your own. With a fall coat, take the time to choose the right scarf, gloves, hat, and boots to go with it. 

Treat everyday like you are on the runway.


  1. Oh, I love the pop of color the mustard coat brings to the table!

  2. Hi Lauren, I know, the mustard color is so pretty. I love this one too! Check out this J Crew coat in this gorgeous bright orange hue: