Friday, January 13, 2012

Elevated Basics.

If you read my post yesterday (here), you know my weekend plans. I'm finally packed! As promised, read on for more Everyday Runway tips on putting together the perfect off-duty, weekend look. Think cozy, not sloppy. The goal is to elevate your basics by incorporating three elements into your look: luxurious fabrics, understated indulgences, and artful layers. 

Luxurious Fabrics
Silk, cashmere, fur, and leather are your best friends during the winter season. Choose the former for layers that will be against your skin and the latter for outer layers and/or your accessories.

--> Silk: Number one on my cozy scale for against-skin fabrics. This is usually my first layer. (See post here.)

--> Cashmere: Always amazing. The warmth without the bulk, so many beautiful cuts, and a texture you want to pet.

--> Fur: Not for everyone, but even a good faux version will get it done. Great for accessories, think hats or boots. I love the grayish white fur that lines the hood of my go-to black parka.

--> Leather: Great for accessories. A well cut pair of skinny leather pants always draws my eye. And a classic leather jacket can look amazing if the temperature allows it.

Understated Indulgences
Your off-duty, cozy look should be no frills. But that doesn't mean no accessories.

--> Go ahead and wear that beautiful belt. It will pull your whole look together.

--> Put on your favorite oversized cashmere scarf. Leave it on when you take your coat off and wrap it around twice for a glamorous undone look.

--> Wear the delicate gold chain you got from your sister or husband. Peeking out from your t-shirt or cardigan, the hint of metal will elevate and personalize your look. Not a necklace person? Put on a sparkling pair of stud earrings.

--> Grab a no fuss crossbody bag. In a sumptuous leather it is a practical mini pleasure.

--> Don't forget a warm hat and/or sunglasses!

Artful Layers
Think about proportions and cut. You want to be warm but not look bulky so limit yourself to three layers. Anything more can look messy. 

--> Avoid layers that feel restricting. You are off-duty and restricting is not cozy. Make sure you are shopping for the right sizes and have considered what layer the item will be. A sweater or jacket that will be the third layer of your look should be large enough that you feel comfortable when there are two layers beneath it. A coat with too-slim sleeves will feel like a straight jacket when you try to pull it over two other layers.

--> Whenever possible, wear the right shoes. Rain boots in the rain and snow boots in the snow. If your day does not call for a shoe change, a fabulous pair of leather boots will get you through. Just be sure to treat them with a leather product meant to waterproof and seal or they won't last or more than one season. And watch the height of that heel! (For more boot ideas, look here and here.)

--> Choose an outer layer that flatters your body silhouette. Warm coats need not be shapeless! There are many styles and cuts for different body types so make sure you do your homework. (Coat ideas, look here.)

--> Remember, in the winter time sometimes your coat is your look. Opt for a bright color, unique vintage pattern, or dramatic cut that compliments your personal style.

Here are some cozy, stylish looks to inspire you.

An oversized scarf, beautiful basics, luxe handbags, and a simple silhouette.

A crossbody bag and the appropriate footwear in a pop of color...

Great cropped leather jacket...

Fur jacket, scarves,  leather boots, and shades...
Layers done right.
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Have a great weekend everyone! xo

Treat everyday like you are on the runway.

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