Friday, January 6, 2012

Warm Toes.

A common problem for New England women is the winter pedicure. Once the drying machine has gone through three cycles, you cannot sit there anymore! (And who has the time anyway.) It's what happens next that is the problem.

We've all been there. Maybe you make yet another sacrifice for beauty and wear your flip flops outside, despite frigid temperatures. You would rather feel your feet freezing off rather than risk smudging that new glossy sheen. Others, braver than I, ask for some plastic bags and oil and stuff their feet back into their leather winter boots/shoes and hope for a miracle. Inevitably, by the time they get home there is always a smudge from the unforgiving shoes and/or that annoying imprint on their nails from the texture of their socks.

Yesterday, The New York Times Style section offered their solution. Introducing, bootie-pies. "Bootie Pies are Ugg-like suede and leather boots with collapsible front flaps so that recently painted toes can continue to dry without risking hypothermia to the rest of the foot ($68 to $88 at"

Innovative, yes. But let me be clear here: I would not be caught dead in these. Sorry, NYT. They are ridiculous and may give me nightmares.

I would like to offer a better solution to your winter pedicure blues. As a person who is always cold, I am a slippers gal. (I usually buy a new pair each year and they help me make it through the winter months.) This year, I am loving this indoor/outdoor pair of Ansley Ugg Slippers, the updated version of my favorite Dakota Ugg Slippers. Both styles are available in a variety of colors and will not only protect your feet from the cold but they are cute, comfortable, and have more than one use.

{Ugg Australia Slippers, Ansley, $99.95}

{Ugg Australia Slippers, Dakota, $99.95}

How: Before you leave the nail salon, ask for two plastic bags and oil. Add oil to the bags and put the bags on your feet. Tie the bags at your ankles to keep moisture in. Skip the socks and slip your bagged feet straight into these slippers. Voila! Warm feet and the forgiving nature of the shearling will NOT smudge your pedicure. The Ansley slipper even looks close enough to a loafer that you can finish your errands (think grocery store or pharmacy) wearing them.

Bonus: As you may know, one of the best ways to keep your feet soft is to put lotion on them and to wear socks to bed. This is better. Keep the plastic bags with oil on your feet for as long as possible and you will have the softest feet ever. You will never sleep in socks again.

Whether you get regular pedicures or not, trust me when I say you need these slippers. Your feet (and freshly painted toes) will thank you. Happy 2012.

Treat everyday like you are on the runway.

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