Monday, January 16, 2012

The Year.

New Year's Eve was different for me this year. Celebrating with my fiancé there was a special anticipation in the air for the year of change to come. I'm getting married this year! The countdown is a real thing people, and believe me when I say that seeing January 1st come and go was a healthy reality check for me. I was reminded of the lifetime commitment I will be making to my amazing fiancé in the spring and of the wedding day event that I still need to finish planning. Luckily, two of my favorite stationary companies have the big countdown covered.

Check out these gorgeous desk calendars from Sugar Paper:

{Sugar Paper, Audrey Desk Calendar, $52.}

{Sugar Paper, Roosevelt Desk Calendar, $52.}

So chic right? I love that these letterpress printed calendars arrive packaged in a black cigar box and with a silver stand. The crisp clean look of both designs are classic and would look beautiful on any desk. 

If you like something more organic looking (think less Kate Spade and more Anthropologie), check out this beautiful botanical calendar. Each month is a different print as shown by my birthday and wedding month. 

The botanical calendar is another pretty way to count down the days to your wedding (or any other special event). The idea of bringing the current floral fashion trend all the way to my wall is tempting. And the flowers look so bright and fresh on this grey winter day.

How did you count down to your wedding?

Treat everyday like you are on the runway. 

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