Thursday, November 3, 2011

Seeing Red.

My future nuptials are forcing me to face many things I am afraid of. Two of those things are the dentist and orthodontist. Since my braces were taken off ten years ago, my teeth have moved and I've decided I want them straight again for my wedding. (With what we are paying our wedding photographer it seems like a no-brainer.) Our big day is a mere seven months away, so I've spent a lot of time in the dentist chair this week. Not fun. However, I received some fabulous advice from a dental assistant at the office yesterday. And now it is a life secret I feel I must share with you: Back unpleasant appointments up to pleasant ones.

Such a simple concept, yet I had never thought about it before. The dental assistant witnessed the tension in my whole body during a routine filling and suggested I schedule a massage for after the appointment. PERFECT. However, I was no where near the spa so instead I made a nail appointment on my way home. With a splitting headache, the novacaine wearing off, and nothing but 2 advil in my hand, I stopped at my nail salon. Two hours later I emerged with red nails and toes (a slightly darker shade on my feet) and feeling like a new woman. I had completely forgotten about my very unpleasant morning.

When I got home and Erich saw my nails he said, "You look like yourself again." He was right. Red is my signature nail color and I'm glad to be back. It always makes me happy and now I have a great way to combat future dentist and gynecologist appointments! Of course, a massage will do too.

You have all heard me rave about shellac/gel manicures (see here) and I have to say it is still my favorite beauty invention. I go to the nail salon every three weeks and my nails stay shiny for every day in between. My nails rarely chip which is somewhat incredible considering what I put a manicure through with my job. And a nice shiny coat of red lacquer on my hands is an instant pick me up. My go-to shade of shellac is Wildfire by CND.

{CND Shellac, Wildfire, $16.93}

If you are not ready to get on the shellac train yet, I also love OPI Big Apple Red and OPI The Thrill of Brazil. Both are similar to my beloved Wildfire. When I wear red on my nails, I usually choose a slightly darker shade for my feet. It keeps things interesting and adds some depth. This time I chose OPI Kennebunk-port.

What is something that always turns your day around? Do you have any signature beauty tricks that people associate with you?

Treat everyday like you are on the runway.

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