Friday, November 25, 2011

Mini Style, Part 1.

Attention new parents and their friends: J Crew has launched a baby line. Right now it's a limited collection, but like all of the brands clothing, it is full of inspiring basics that 'wow' in their simplicity. I was so enamored by a few of these items that I started looking at some other amazing baby clothes. I couldn't resist putting together some adorable winter looks for 0-24 months from these Crewcut Baby basics.

I love this clean, classic unisex look. Who says a baby girl can't wear blue? This long sleeve navy blue onesie has a great ribbed texture that is complimented by the sweetest cable knit hat ever. Everyone loves a pom-pom and there are no words for these little booties. So cute!

{BabyGap Cableknit Pom Hat, $12.99}

{J Crew, Goat-Milk Onesie, $35.}

{J Crew, Nature Baby Pants, $24.95}

{J Crew, Nature Baby Booties, $12.95}

My winning 'go-anywhere' style combination for baby in three steps:
Rich cashmere in a bright hue is a must for the softest skin.
2) Toms for Baby
Toms will put baby, and mom, totally on-trend in plaid, neon, herringbone, and sequins. The best part? Same rule applies for the small ones: Buy a pair of Toms shoes and they will give a new pair to a child in need. (See specific shoe style for link to store.)
Throw-in-the-wash denim in a soft grey will look hip with a thick bottom cuff. Style Tip: Buy them big. Cuff them. Unroll the cuff as baby grows longer, and keep the jeans for longer!
Laid Back Baby Cool.
For Baby Boy

{Toms, Classic Tiny Plaid, $28.95}

For Baby Girl

{Toms, Classic Tiny Herringbone, $28.95}

Loungewear/ Back up Pant
Swap out the grey denim above for these comfy sweater pants. Sweater pants are great in any size, but should not be worn by adults outside of the home. Please leave that to the babies.

{BabyGap, Sweater Pants, $16.99

Everything looks cuter when it's miniature.

The neon trend for baby:

{Estella, Baby Snowsuit, $115.}

The neon trend for Mom: See post here.

Just because a baby is small, does not mean that he or she can't be big in fashion. I wish they had that neon trimmed snowsuit in my size... Now, if only J Crew would launch a maternity line, I would consider pregnancy. :)

Stay tuned for Mini Style, Part 2. In that post I will give you My winning style combination for Baby's First Holiday Photo Card.

Treat everyday like you are on the runway.

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