Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Take Time to Smell the Roses.

When my Vogue arrives in the mail each month I never open it. Pouring over its perfumed pages is one of my favorite rituals so I wait for the day I can delve in uninterrupted. However, the days of sitting down next to a candle with a cup of coffee in my favorite silk robe have been few and far between lately. Between planning the wedding, working, and still attempting to accomplish daily household tasks, I haven't had a lot of 'free' time and sadly, my favorite ritual has been moved to the time spent under the dryer at my hair color appointments... Until today.

I had a quick minute to download the new Vogue application on my iPad (so psyched it's finally here!) and when I saw that the next issue was already available I couldn't resist taking a peek. This shoot stopped me in my tracks and forced me to give my favorite ritual the time and respect it deserved. It was a much needed distraction in my day and I had to share this fashion moment with you.

Kate Moss + haute couture + Ritz Paris = Stunning. I couldn't tear my eyes away. The shoot took place at Ritz Paris before they close their doors for renovation. The fashion is modeled by the one and only Kate Moss. Is there anything more glamourous?!

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These images sum up my dreams... Spoiler alert if you are attending my wedding.  ;)

Treat everyday like you are on the runway.

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