Monday, March 12, 2012

Cup of Spring.

Although it is still 8 days away, this 60 degree weather has me excited about the new season. As I come out of hibernation (I can't wait to pack away my heavy parka and wool sweaters), I am looking forward to sunny days and things turning green again. I'm also looking at ways to freshen up my surroundings.

Mint julep cups are number one on my list of things to incorporate into my surroundings this spring. Start a mismatched collection from your favorite antique stores, shop them at a garden boutique, or break out the family heirlooms that your southern grandmother gave you. This week, I will share some fabulous ideas for how to make mint julep cups a part of your new spring surroundings.

Spring always brings to mind flowery bouquets so whenever possible, I try to bring the outside in. No matter what kind of flowers you choose, mint julep cups will showcase them all beautifully.

{Images via Pinterest.}

Put them in your front entry to welcome you home...

Or pair with your favorite coffee table books.

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You can get your mint julep cups here.

Happy (almost) Spring!

Treat everyday like you are on the runway.

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