Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cup at Home.

In my last post, I started telling you why mint julep cups are my favorite way to dress up my surroundings for spring. One reason: They are a fresh way to bring the outside in and every bouquet looks beautiful in them! Put a bouquet on the kitchen table, in the bathroom, or on your coffee table.

In addition to flowers, spring makes me think of cleaning and reorganizing my space. Here are some other ways to use these adorable cups to freshen up your home in the new season.

Tidy up your workspace! Mint julep cups are a neat place to store writing utensils at your desk.

Knowing I have a reason to break out my sunglasses is always a relief in the spring. A mint julep cup is a pretty way to store them out on a vanity.

In varying sizes, mint julep cups are also a nice container for cotton balls, q-tips, bobby pins, hair elastics, lipsticks, and my beloved Mason Pearson brush. How gorgeous is this?!

When you start your spring cleaning, consider going through your makeup and throwing out all of those items with a questionable expiration date. Pour a shot of rubbing alcohol and dip your lipsticks into it for 10 seconds. Wash your brushes and store your makeup case in the freezer overnight to kill leftover bacteria and viruses from the winter season.  Knowing that all of your products are clean will feel like another fresh start for the season.

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Are you a fan of mint julep cups yet?

Treat everyday like you are on the runway.


  1. I'm sold! I have been on an interior decorating kick lately. My apartment is really coming together but I always felt like something is missing. I have tried adding pops of bright colors outside of the palate I was working with, but the result usually confuses the room more than enhances it. I think what was really missing is a nice shine! I'll give these a try.

  2. That's great C.T! Glad you like the idea. Metallics actually serve as a great neutral in home decor. (I mix and match them in my own home.) Let me know where in your home you end up putting the mint julep cups. I would love to see photos... :)