Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nail Spring.

Two weekends ago was my bachelorette party and of course we all had to get our nails done together. Manicures and pedicures courtesy of MiniLuxe kicked off an amazing time. (Thank you ladies!) Upon arrival I was very excited to find that CND finally has new colors for shellac manicures. And just in time, because as you know, a new season always makes me want to change things up.

From brights to pastels, spring fashion is all about color. In sharp contrast, the new CND collection is all neutrals and metallics. I love this. A colorful outfit can sometimes require the addition of a neutral to keep it in sophisticated territory, especially for work. If your shoes, handbag, skirt, and blouse are all colorful (which can often read playful), you might want to think about balancing out your look with makeup and nails in elegant, neutral shades.

This is the new Spring 2012 CND Nail Color Collection:

'Gold VIP status' and 'Silver VIP Status' are both shimmer effects that can be layered over your favorite shade. You know I love my metallics, as seen here.

'Dark Lava' is screaming my name on this grey March day. It is a creamy raisin which could be seen as your first baby step away from the black polish you have been wearing all winter. I'm happy to finally see a dark color other than black among the shellac polishes. Especially one without shimmer!

'Rubble' is a mushroom taupe, and looks very chic to me. Could be the perfect warm neutral shade? I can't wait to try it.

I've been waiting for a nice cool grey shellac for a while. Enter 'Cityscape'. Described as a creamy dove grey, I think it will compliment spring's pastel-colored clothing beautifully.

'Silver Chrome' is silver chrome. A cool, edgy shade for your weekend night out.

What is your favorite shade? Have you tried any yet? All nail color reviews are welcome. :)

Treat everyday like you are on the runway.

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