Thursday, October 20, 2011

Destination Portland.

Plaid? Check. Texture? Check. Mustard and red hues? Check. Tribal inspired? Check. Cozy cape? Check. The Portland Collection by Pendleton may be all you need to look your best this fall season. (Look here if you need to read up on your fall 2011 trends.)

Looking to the past to inspire the future is one of my favorite parts of fashion. While designers such as Diane von Furstenberg, Proenza Schouler, and Isabel Marant showed gorgeous tribal patterns on the runway, this featured collection just feels more authentic. The Portland Collection by Pendleton not only embodies the current fall season, but a history as well.  The contemporary design was inspired by the archived Native American-inspired fabrics that are the foundation of the 102 year old Pendleton brand. Many of the versatile pieces are great for all ages and I found several items that would make perfect gifts.

For Dad: The ranch coat with a detachable shearling collar. Why not have the whole family contribute to stepping up his dated L.L. Bean style? Split the cost of this modern classic with your siblings. Be sure to tell him you bought American and supported the struggling economy. The end result will be Dad looking stylish while simultaneously appearing rugged and practical. Not an easy fete.

{Pendleton Portland Collection, Ranch Coat in tan, $599.}

For a new family (or couple): The ceremonial blanket. Take it to the playground, on a picnic, or to the beach! They can leave it in the car when not in use. It's convenient and portable with its leather harness and shoulder strap. What more could you ask for?

{Pendleton Portland Collection, Harding Black and Tan Robe, $248.}

{Pendleton Portland Collection, Ceremonial Blanket, $230.}

For Mom: The reversible cape. It's cowl neck, beautiful pattern (black and tan) or subtle trim (mustard and tan) make it an easy and stylish piece to throw on and wear all day. She will have it for years.

{Pendleton Portland Collection, Harding Black and Tan Cape,  $316.}

{Pendleton Portland Collection, Reversible Cape,  $297.}

Hmm, I think I need this cape too. It looks incredible with dark lipstick (you know I love it, see post here) and leather pants.

For Friend/ Sister/ Brother: The oversized scarf. Yes, it's unisex. Yes, it's also reversible. The pattern doesn't take itself too seriously so the scarf can look masculine or feminine depending on the rest of the outfit.

{Pendleton Portland Collection, Harding Scarf in Black and Tan, $96.}

{Pendleton Portland Collection, Harding Scarf in Squash, $95.}

For You: This classic carpet bag. It's perfect for your weekend and holiday trips!

{Pendleton Portland Collection, Luggage Bag, $348.}

I'm also loving these two wool dresses from the collection, but I can't find them anywhere. The surprise back cutouts are a totally thoughtful and sexy detail for wool.

{All lookbook photos via Chris Hornbecker.}

So, what do you think of this collection? Would you wear it?

Treat everyday like you are on the runway.

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