Saturday, October 15, 2011

Design Within [Possible] Reach.

Design Within Reach is not a store for everyone. The style can be a bit too modern for many tastes, and the price can be way out of budget. However, I love mixing and matching styles in home decor and I think that no matter what your home decor taste is, many of these items would be lovely additions to your current home style. Luckily, going on until October 18, they have a 15% off sale, so I've rounded up some of my favorite items for you to check out. Keep in mind that a lot of these items are perfect gifts for the men in your life too.

Everyone needs flatware, we expect to see it on every dining table at every meal! However, while we all spend time focusing on the plates and napkins and how they coordinate, many of us are missing an important design opportunity. Try something unexpected like this matte black (or silver) set.

{DWR, Almoco Flatware 5 Piece Setting, $60. $51.}

The interesting finish adds a thoughtful fashion to your table setting while the classic lines keep the look elegant. This set is perfect for stylish casual everyday dining and works for any male/female/couple you may know. I love what they did here.

I think every office should have a globe. This one (which currently sits on our desk) is an art piece that provides perspective on our beautiful world, inspires travel and curiosity, and manages to be understated in our living room. It would be a great graduation gift too.

{DWR, Table Globe, $200. $170.}

The green is also nice if you are not into black accessories.

{DWR, Table Globe, $295. $250.75}

In our small apartment, I always have my eye out for chic storage solutions. I believe that having various textures in your home is as important as having them in your wardrobe. This eco-friendly basket (also available in blue and green) could hold my fashion magazines, my fiance's DVD collection, or even your child's toys. It's made from polymer felt that comes from recycled PET bottles.

{DWR, Restore Basket, $99. $84.15}

The designer said "I wanted the basket to have a non-obtrusive nature... And to give it a form that has a friendly appearance." I think he was right on. It would look great anywhere from a basement den to a semi-formal living room.

You know my obsession with gold right now (see post here). The classic lines and lovely metallic touch make this glassware a must have item on my list.

{DWR, Midas Collection, $50.-$70. $42.50- $59.50}

I'm dying to put these on a tray on top of my bedside table, but they look beautiful in a bathroom as well.

I love this unique accent table. It's made from reclaimed wood, specifically fir timbers, by a company that makes products with the sustainability of our planet in mind. The wood is coated in silver and would make a fabulous addition to my living room someday. I love the glamourous shine paired with the masculine weight and hard lines.

{DWR, 47 Table, $1200. $1020.}

From the photo here, I think it would look great in a bachelor pad too.

That table is my absolute favorite piece at the store. What is yours?

*Remember, you have THREE days before the sale ends!!

Treat everyday like you are on the runway. 


  1. I totally bought a grey felt basket at TJ Maxx on a complete whim the other day...who knew I was making such a smart design choice! :)

  2. Hi C.T. that's great! I love a good deal. What are storing in yours?

  3. Magazines, a bottle of lotion and a few pairs of sunglasses. It is a great catchall for the coffee table.