Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Going Dark.

A change in season always means a new beauty routine. It's officially autumn now and after months of nude and hot pink lipstick (see post here), I'm going dark.

The colors of fresh berries have shown up on clothes everywhere for fall, but these delicious wine shades are also one of the best new makeup looks for the upcoming fall and winter season. Not for the faint of heart, these colors make a powerful statement. But if you are brave enough, they are the ultimate in sophistication, confidence, and sexiness. Recently, I picked up this gorgeous color by Nars and I'm already wearing it around.

{Nars, Afghan Red, $24.}

Sephora describes this color as garnet, but I would describe Afghan Red as a deep bordeaux. I don't see the red that the name suggests, it has more of a purple hue to it. I love it's smooth satin (not matte) finish. Nars lipsticks are my favorite because they never dry out my lips and you can layer this color for a sheer or richer color look. Here is some of my inspiration.

And look at this! Such a pretty look for a winter bride.

{All photographs via Pinterest.}

Will you try dark lips for fall? Deep red lips look perfect with a "nude" face and mascara. Be sure to keep your eye makeup to a minimum to make this runway style work for everyday. Unsure about wearing if for everyday? Try dark lips for a night out instead. As always, remember to choose the right wine shade for your skin tone.

Treat everyday like you are on the runway.

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