Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Penchant for Pendants.

Anyone can get dressed. Anyone can put on a blouse and pants, jeans and a shirt, or a dress and some shoes. What separates the masses from the stylish crowd is the thoughtful ability to turn these items into an outfit.

"a set of usually matching or harmonious garments and accessories worn together; coordinated costume; ensemble..."

The key to an outfit is accessories. Specifically, the finishing touches that add personality to the "harmonious garments" you choose to put on. Watches, shoes, scarves, handbags, and jewelry are what you should reach for after you've put on your favorite dress, or t-shirt and jeans to bring some of who you are to the clothes.

In the jewelry department, the long pendant necklace is everywhere right now. (Though keep an eye out because chokers are making a comeback as well!) The pendant necklace looks great with a bohemian or 70's inspired look. It is also a great accessory to add visual interest to an otherwise plain top, and will draw the eye down to elongate the line of your body. Gold is the metallic color of the season, so pick up a necklace that combines these two elements to add an instant update to your closet.

Here are some fabulous gold pendant necklaces to get you started. (As usual, click on the item you like to buy it.)

1) The double strand on this necklace is nice and modern. And the feature stone is the color of the season- purple!

{Kenneth Cole, Violet Double Layer Pendant Necklace, $40.}

2) This gold pendant will go with anything. Wear it alone or layered with other necklaces of similar lengths. The "antler" design gives this piece a nice texture.

{House of Harlow, Antler Pendant, $115.}

3) Though you can't tell in this photo, this filigree pendant has some weight to it. I love the vintage tough of the filigree and the rich browns of this stone are perfect for fall. Try this pendant if your frame is a little larger. It will help balance your proportions instead of looking like a necklace that is too delicate.

{Sabine, Filagree Frame Pendant, $40.)

4) This little number is my favorite. I love the pop of spicy red that it will add to any outfit. The more classic shape and design matches my personal style. 

{Hive & Honey, Oval Pendant Necklace, $26.}

Which one is your favorite?

All of these gorgeous pendant necklaces are budget friendly and available online at Piperlime. Don't forget to add your name to their email list for an automatic 15% off your purchase!

Treat everyday like you are on the runway.

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