Monday, October 29, 2012

Travel in Style.

This weekend Erich and I are headed out of town for a long weekend. (A wedding gift we've been holding on to.) We are going to our favorite spot in Kennebunkport and I can't wait! It's our last getaway before the stress of the holidays so I plan to do nothing but unwind. Having the comforts of home away from home always makes for an amazing trip so I always keep this in mind when packing. It's all in the details. Here is a little travel guide of my favorite getaway essentials and tips:

Little Luxuries.
You have heard me sing the praises of beauty samples before (see post here), and the small packets always come in handy. A getaway is the perfect time to indulge. Try a new eye cream or perfume.  We all know that the shampoo and conditioner at most hotels just don't cut it for the ladies so don't forget those.

I store a laundry bag from my favorite hotel in the bottom of my weekend bag. I never have to remember to pack it, but I'm always glad that I have it. Right now I'm using one from the Taj Hotel to remind me of our wedding night. It's a nice personal touch on any weekend trip.

It's one of the strongest senses. Don't forget to pack a travel candle in your favorite scent. It can help you relax, remind you of home, and cover the smell of any strong cleaning products in your hotel room.    I really like the subtle scent of this one by Voluspa. And the tin means I don't have to worry about it breaking in my bag!

{Voluspa, Creme de Peche Travel Tin, $8.}

Jewelry Roll.
Organization on a getaway is key. I have my eye on this one because as you know, I love gold. (Also available in silver.) A jewelry roll is always a great gift because it's not something that a lot of us would buy for ourselves. Make sure you keep this in your carry-on if you are taking any valuable pieces.

{Pebbled Leather Jewelry Roll, $40.}

Make Space.
If you plan on doing some shopping at your destination, a collapsible bag like this one is a must have. It's lightweight and takes up very little space in your luggage. You can bring it anywhere! Use it for snacks at the airport, bring it to the beach, or just throw a blanket and magazines in it for a picnic.

Don't Forget to Write!
I always pack my journal to jot down special moments I want to remember and at least two cards with stamped envelopes just in case I find a free moment to write to my friends. It's always more thoughtful than an email. Who doesn't like to receive mail other than bills?

{Sugar Paper, Bow Noteset, $24.}

Because You Just Never Know.
I bought one for my wedding and never used it, but it has paid for itself ever since on all of my weekend trips! This 16 piece kit comes with everything from breath freshener to double sided tape to earring backs to a deodorant towelette. It also takes up less space in your luggage than packing a travel sized version of each of these products. Another great gift. And it is available in every color you can think of...

{Minimergency Kit for Her, $13.}

Travel Extras.
Passport Cover- Also a great gift. I have had the same black patent one on my passport for years!

Chic Flats- Nothing ruins a trip like sore feet. I love my Prada driving loafers, but you can also pack a pair of stylish sneakers, flat (broken-in) boots, or ballet flats.

Travel Umbrella- For those unexpected downpours.

Oversized Scarf- A great accessory that you can use as a wrap out at dinner or on the plane if it gets chilly.

Luggage Tag- It's time to grow up and use something other than those awful paper ones they give you at the airport. It's a great opportunity to add some style to your luggage too!

And lastly, a good book. Travel safely!

Treat every day like you are on the runway.

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