Monday, October 29, 2012

Diaper Style.

There is usually a baby shower for expectant moms where they receive wonderful gifts for their newborns and tools to make those first months at home more bearable. But what happens after baby comes?

An important thing to remember is that their lovely children are in diapers for far longer than six months. We are talking years here people! I know I'm not the only one that changes handbags according to my outfit (or at least by season) and diaper bags should be no exception. Don't forget that while she does her mom duties in those first few years, that diaper bag that she received at the baby shower will get lots of mileage. Why not surprise mom with a style update of her own? Of course everyone loves to buy tiny clothes, shoes, and toys, but don't forget that mom could use a little attention too.

Make her feel special this holiday/birthday with a style update that is also practical for her lifestyle. Jewelry and high heels are nice, but does she have somewhere to wear it? Here is a collection of some of the best diaper bags that will give her some style options of her own:

Kate Spade knows classic chic. This black nylon bag has a sophisticated tote silhouette and you can never go wrong with black. I love this for a working mom because it will also look great with a business suit. The pop of red on the interior is playful touch.

{Kate Spade Nylon Harmony Baby Bag, $298.}

I love the classic brown and white stripes on this one from the iconic Henri Bendel collection. She can wear this pattern with anything.

{Brown and White Bendel Baby Bag, $348.}

This option comes in a great neutral color. The tote shape is great while the unstructured material is a more casual look. (It is also available in black.)

{Marc by Marc Jacobs Nylon Eliz-A-Baby Bag, $298.}

If the man in your life will be stealing it, try this felt messenger bag in a utilitarian style. (Also available in an olive color.)

All of the above bags come with a changing pad. For a practical update, pick up a new one. I like the metallic lining of this one.

{Ju Ju Be Changing Pad, $20.}

Do you have a diaper bag recommendation?

Treat every day like you are on the runway.

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