Thursday, October 18, 2012

Boo La La.

The month of October is half over! And of course that means one thing: Halloween is around the corner. While I am someone who hates to be scared, I have always loved the holiday. Dress up in the costume of your choice and collect free candy? Sign me up. I'm no longer trick-or-treating but that is no reason not to get in the spirit. Last year I showed you some of my favorite Halloween Decor ideas (see post here) and this year I want to share the simple snacks I plan to prepare for a party.

Tomato basil soup...

Individual pizzas...

A twist on pigs in a blanket...

Adorable, right? Just like wardrobe, it's all in the presentation.

And in this case I could not resist the slightly less adorable.

{Images 1 and 4 via Pinterest. Images 2 and 3 via}

Pass the chips.

Treat every day like you are on the runway.

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