Friday, April 6, 2012

Embrace the Man.

Although I am girly-girl, I am a sucker for borrowed-from-him classics. (Look at the cut of my go-to blouse, here.) That's why when I found the women's clothing line inspired by menswear called Claridge & King, I had to share. My two favorite things to steal from Erich's closet? Button-down shirts and boxer shorts. This line does them right.

First things first, I am also a sucker for pinstripes. And I love that every product you order from this site comes in an adorable grey and white striped bag. It's all in the presentation people! Why do you think all of us know that little blue box?

At Home.
Back in my college days I would frequently steal Erich's boxer shorts. They worked great as comfortable loungewear when I was studying in one of our rooms; not to mention as impromptu sleepwear. Of course I always had to roll the waistband several times to keep them up, but that unflattering fabric bulk never stopped me. Comfort won out. Thankfully, ten years later Erich's choice of undergarment has changed and I am out of luck when I open his underwear drawer looking for unflattering shorts. 

{The Boxer Set, $68.}

But one thing hasn't changed: When it comes to loungewear and sleepwear, comfort still wins out. Enter Claridge & King and another fashion problem is solved. "We've borrowed his boxers and her tap pants and melded the best of both..."  Goodbye unflattering fabric bulk. Wear these on your waist or fold them over once to reveal their signature stripe on the inner band. They are available in four colors (of course, I want the 'ice pink') and the crisp cotton is begging to be worn at home in the warmer months. The side vents on each leg and grosgrain ribbon-edged back pocket are both thoughtful feminine touches.

{The Boxer Single, $40.}

Now I just need to make sure they get put back in the right drawer on laundry day.

For Brides.
Every woman knows that when you have your hair and makeup done professionally, you must be wearing a shirt that does not need to be pulled over your head when it is time to change into your outfit. On your big day, this is an important detail to remember. After hours spent in a chair, you will be a work of art. And trust me, you do not want to destroy it before you put on your dress! 

{The His is Hers Bridal Shirt, $98.}

This sweet little number is available in six different colors. Put your new monogram on the shirt and include your wedding day as a thoughtful touch. (Take a closer look at this photo to see the wedding date on the sleeve.)

On Your Honeymoon (or any other trip).
Three of my must-have travel items:

1) A pair of thick socks. - I refuse to walk through airport security barefoot. Ick.

2) An oversized scarf or wrap. - To double as a blanket on the plane, which is always freezing.

3) An eye mask. - More comfortable than sunglasses for in-flight naps.

Again, Claridge and King delivers it all in a pretty package. Now to decide which go-with-anything color...

{The Travel Set, $275.}
Bon voyage.

Treat everyday like you are on the runway.

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