Friday, May 6, 2011

Keep In Touch

Growing up, my mother never missed an opportunity to write a card of encouragement, congratulations, or a simple note to say 'I love you' to the people that mattered to her. I saved each and every card and letter she sent to me and now they reside in a glass box on my book shelf. It is my very own treasure chest.

I have another chest that contains postcards, save the dates, baby shower invites, engagement cards, letters from friends, birthday cards... you get the idea.  The people in my life have never sent me a piece of mail that I did not fully appreciate. 

Many of my beautiful friends are mom's themselves now. Their babies, jobs, and daily lives keep them busier than ever but somehow they balance it all with grace. Their newborns and toddlers aren't able to tell them how much they appreciate their hard work, love, and support but now I see firsthand how much my own mother did for me. (Wow. Thanks Mom!) However, now more than ever, it is harder to see my friends as our lives continue to get busier, so I cherish the mail I receive even more. Knowing that they thought of me in their one free minute always makes me smile.

If you aren't sure what to buy your own mom for Mother's Day this Sunday, here is a great idea. First, write her a note, a thank you. Then, for $35, buy her this sweet (and stylish!) little box of cards. Kate Spade is a great go-to for thoughtful and special little gifts and this one does not disappoint. For a mom, convenience is always key. With this box, she will have what she needs when it's time to write a quick card to you or the other people that matter to her.

I love the box! When she is finished with all of the cards, she can recycle the container in her kitchen as a recipe card holder.

The bright cheery colors are perfect for the season and the simplicity of each note is super modern. The dividers will keep her organized, and because the cards are not covered in flowers (or some other feminine print) they are also appropriate to send to the opposite sex or even work colleagues. 

{Kate Spade All Occasion Gift Box Set $35}
The front of the cards are pre-printed with:
"For no particular reason..."
"You read my mind..."
"I heard you were under the weather..."
"A round of applause..."
And, "The icing on the cake..."

The inside of the cards are blank for her to write whatever she wants. Bonus: she can mix and match the lined envelopes to compliment the color of the writing on each card.

So remember, keep in touch.

Happy Mother's Day Mom,  Breeana, Lauren S., Liesl, and Lindsey.  Thank you for all that you do. xoxo

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