Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Dare You.

I am always looking for a way to simplify my beauty routine. However, I'm not always successful.

Light Colored Nail Polishes- Chips and smudges are less noticeable. And if you don't have time to get to the nail salon the following week, new nail growth is also less noticeable. (As compared to my favorite red polishes.) Bonus: these light shades make your fingers look longer and more feminine.

Tinted Moisturizer- Not moisturizing enough. And the makeup part seems to melt off my face or change color by midday.
Lip/Cheek Stains- Yes, they stay on all day. But they are so messy and need to be applied so carefully that my routine ends up taking longer. (Though I do love Benetint when I have some extra get ready time.)

Enter hot pink lipsticks, my new Hit. They are not for everyone, but don't knock them before you try them. They were one of the biggest trends on the runways for Spring/Summer 2011 and worth a try in your everyday. Here's why:

- A bright shade can simplify your beauty regime because you don't need to wear much else on your face. You can skip blush, powder, bronzer, even foundation because these shades tend to look better on a glowing (vs. matte) moisturized face anyway. 

- A bright lipstick can be the perfect pick me up on a grey rainy day. 

- A bright lipstick draws attention away from your eyes on a day when it looks like you haven't slept in a week. 

- A bright lipstick exudes confidence, which is always a good thing!

- A bright lipstick can act as an accessory on an otherwise understated look. Skip the jewelry one day!

All you really need to pull off hot pink lipstick is some mascara and concealer. (Loose powder is optional.) Just make sure you pick the right shade for you. For this 'runway' to 'realway' look, I chose a hot pink with bluish undertones. It is bright, but not fluorescent like some of those pictured above. It looks more like this one that Fergie is wearing.

Going to try a bright shade and not in a rush? Here are some tips to make your bold color last longer.  Start by powdering your lips. This acts like a primer that the color will adhere to better than a naked lip. Then try a lip stain or line your entire lip to avoid the dark edge that happens when the lipstick begins to wear off the center of your lips. Run lipstick over your lips one time and dab your finger to blend the color for best results.

My new favorite? It's called Cosmic Raspberry by Bobbi Brown. It is long wear formula and it has SPF 12. Click on 'My Favorite Things' for all of my favorites and links to buy.

So readers, what do you think? Do you dare?

Treat everyday like you are on the runway.

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